It never crossed my mind that I would have the chance to teach English professionally, but it is one of the things I am doing now. I grew up in […]

It is nearly 10:30 in the evening and I am finally getting a chance to write about habits, as promised yesterday. I have been too busy, too distracted, too tired, […]

Just five days off from the blog and it could easily turn into a year. A habit takes 30 days to create but it can be broken in only a […]

As a story teller, I often take off on a tangent. I layer patina in my narrative to create depth and richness, bringing my listener back to the original characters […]

If you are a factory worker and align this widget with that widget and bolt them together, you know your job and you are guaranteed a desirable outcome. Keep bolting […]

Are you late, early, or on time? I am basically an on-time person. It wasn’t always the case. I used to be late. The alarm didn’t go off. There was […]

My daughter graduates from high school this week. There have been a series of events leading up to graduation including the Senior prom, a Senior trip, a Senior sunrise, a […]

Saturday evening my husband went into the downstairs bathroom and found it flooded with water, coffee grounds, noodles, and other items we won’t mention. Apparently we had a blocked sewer […]

Our stomach clenches. We feel tight. We know it will be okay, it’s the movies, but we get sucked in. Every. Single. Time. Perhaps it is an end of the […]

As a child I was taught that the opposite of love is hate. When looking up the word love in a thesaurus, my childhood teachings are confirmed. The most common […]